Rationale for the creation of EMRC

The attractive picture of Asia is formed by interlocking pieces of vastly distinct dynamics of individual countries; Japan is large, China is rising, Korea is developed and India has an immense amount of potential.

In most Asian countries, small-and-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are of overwhelming importance. "SME is also the biggest source of employment-providing livelihood for over three-quarters of the region's workforce especially women and the young." Therefore, the SME sector will remain the backbone of every economy of the Asian region and elsewhere. Providing support to SME growth and compositeness is no longer an option for the developing nations. With basic evolution of pace, process and patterns of production. Asian SMEs have to manage growth and change with the changing environment.

To address the need of developing new, committed and innovative entrepreneurs on a large scale. The IPM Ghaziabad in collaboration with University of Greenwich are in the process of conceptualizing and launching an Entrepreneurial Development Programme through Regular classes titled "Post Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship Mgt.". While designing such a course, we thought that a management degree teaches you to manage processes, System and ideas. Such Skills are not of much use to entrepreneurs.

For Instance, when you start up in business on our own, you need much more than textbook learning but your degree does not teach you to look at overdrafts and financing option. People skills-hiring the Right Staff managing teams and motivating them is another unrelated aspect of running a business. How to evaluate the facilities available to you. How to correctly structure Debt and equality in your organization. We in IPM Ghaziabad believe that there is a need to be skilled in these area only when in your own business.


EMRC has a rich and varied multi-tasking relationship with emerging /established CFE's of the world. EMRC engages with the best in order to share new innovations, thinking and applications.

Main Activities

To Provide project management / consultancy to budding entrepreneurs.

To perform feasibility study of new projects.

To arrange for venture capital for incubator projects.

Academic Infrastructure

EMRC has a team of competent resource providers.

The Team Comprises of:

Prof. Vikas Verma

Dr. Kanes K. Rajah

Also IPM Ghaziabad has collaborated with Greenwich University, Unitied Kingdom for exchange of technical know how and for providing assistance as when required on a continuous basis.


Entrepreneurship Management & Consultancy Cell ( EMCC ): Main duty is to perform feasibility study of projects and arrange for venture capital.

Research and Development Cell ( RDC ):

i. Provide strategic solution to management problems of small and middle sized corporates.

ii. To develop subject related case studies and teaching pedagogies.

iii. To promote and do academic research in various streams of management sciences so as to develop the subject.

EMRC has entered into academic tie-up with the following organizations to facilitate various exchange and research based programmes. The list is as follows:

Mr. Guillermo Rodriguez Dr. Susanne Lichtmannegger Reinaldo Leite Dr. Kanes K. Rajah Prof. Ajeet N. Mathur

University of Valladolid , SPAIN

MCI - MANAGEMENT CENTER INNSBRUCK Internationale Fachhochschulgesellschaft mbH Leiterin International Relations Universitätsstraße 15, 6020 Innsbruck/Austria

CEC - Câmara de Comércio e Indústria do Centro Rua Coronel Júlio Veiga Simão 3025-307 Coimbra ,Portugal.

Centre for Entrepreneurship, University of Greenwich, UK

Faculty of Business and Governance Sciences, University of Tampere, Pinni A 3050, Kanslerinrinne 1, FIN 33014, Tampere, FINLAND

URL : http://www.uva.es/

URL: http://www.mci.edu/

URL: http://www.cec.org.pt/

URL: http://www.gre.ac.uk/

URL: http://www.uta.fi/